to uphold and encourage one another
“Two are better than one…for if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

for counsel and direction of student as well as teacher’s education
Proverbs 12:15 “…a wise man listens to counsel.”

to ensure legal requirements are met and consistent progress is made toward educational goals.  Hebrews 13:17 “…submit to their authority.”

For Support

  • Kickoff BBQ potluck to start off the school year
  • End of Year Celebration and Award ceremony
  • Graduation ceremony honoring our graduates with promotion certificates for 5th graders and diplomas for 8th graders and seniors.
  • Letter of recommendation for colleges, work, etc.
  • MEA-Community email loop
  • School Identity – Professional student and family pictures, and ID cards
  • Yearbook - hardback full color book featuring students and families
  • Special Events to encourage the whole such as Mom's Brunch, Presentation Night, and Game Day 
  • Reading, scripture memory and Bible reading incentive program
  • Annual standardized testing opportunity available for grades 4-12
  • Lending Library full of educational resources by Christian authors on homeschooling, curriculum, etc.
  • Home School Legal Defense - Our group number allows members to receive discount on membership

For Guidance

  • Family Advisor provided for individualized consultation, mentoring, support, guidance, and encouragement
  • Curriculum Guidance for families needing assistance in the development of their educational goals.
  • Teacher training seminars
  • Advising to assist and counsel families of high school students, send official transcripts to colleges, track graduation requirements, review transcripts and required forms, dispense information concerning testing and maintain needs of high school students.

For Accountability

  • Affidavit filed on behalf of all member families
  • Cumulative Record file maintained in accordance to CA State
  • Academic reporting to gauge your progress in fulfilling your educational goals.
  • Record keeping forms provided.
  • High School Transcripts provided
  • Student Portfolio provides a general overview of the student's homeschool year and progress in their education.