School Policies

Members will maintain active membership in Home School Legal Defense Association.

Members agree to teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole with God at the center and Scripture as the foundation for all learning.

Members will diligently and consistently educate their children with a reasonable course of study corresponding to each child’s spiritual, academic, and physical capabilities.

Members will personally conduct at least 51% of the student’s instruction in the following subject areas each year: Bible, history, English, math, science, fine arts, health and physical education. 

Members will keep daily attendance records, accurate up-to-date lesson plans or a reasonable facsimile thereof and a file of representative samples of each student’s work.  Accountability records will be provided to Mount Eagle Academy as required.  If records are delinquent, members agree to pay late fees.

Members agree to educate a minimum of 180 days between June 16th and June 15th of the following year. 

Members will provide a current email address and take responsibility for being up-to-date on school news.  We recommend checking email at least on a weekly basis.  It is the responsibility of member to notify Mount Eagle Academy if their email has changed. 

Members will (at least one parent) attend required meetings. 

Members understand that it is essential that both parents be in agreement with home education.

Members will support Mount Eagle Academy PSP, faculty, administration, programs and activities and volunteer whenever possible.  If a concern arises members will go directly to the PSP administrator as dictated in Matthew 18:15.