One of the greatest benefits of home education is the rich variety of ways to teach any given subject and the teaching materials available.  However, to maintain our biblical standards and to pass those standards on to our children, we must choose wisely and carefully.  Therefore, it is advisable to choose curricula that present a Christian worldview especially in the history and science disciplines.  Nothing presents a better Christian worldview than the Bible itself.

As God calls each of us differently we would request and encourage each family to pray about the number and types of activities you sign up for.  Too many activities outside the home can take away time from the goals you have set forth for your family, and yet no fellowship with other home schooling students and parents can lead to discouragement.  Strive to hit a balance in this area. 

While we respect the family’s right to direct the education of their children in any way they wish, Mount Eagle Academy is committed to supporting, encouraging, and equipping families who are committed to the God-given task of training their children through a Christ-centered homeschooled education, that is, those who are taught at home, by their own parents at least 51 percent of the time.

Members of Mount Eagle Academy will teach the following subject areas each year: 

Bible is required for all Mount Eagle Academy students Grades 1 through 12

For Grades 1 through 6  (Education Code §51210)

• English/Language Arts (reading, handwriting, spelling, composition, etc.)
• Mathematics (concepts, operational skills and problem solving)
• Social science (history, geography)
• Science  (earth science, physical science and life science)
• Fine arts (dance, music theatre, and visual arts)
• Health
• Physical education

For Grades 7 through 12 (Education Code §51220)

• Same as above plus additional requirements depending upon your 4 year plan for high school.